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These days I give my process room to breathe. I wait for a collection to find me, sometimes through a season, book, texture, stone, wild creature, or place; other times it is through a feeling or abstract idea. The idea usually likes to sit in the shadows for a while, gaining confidence. Like an iridescent fog slowly solidifying, recognizable colors and forms gradually appearing. It waits in the corner watching me curiously as it takes shape, likely deciding whether I am the right maker to sing it into physicality. And when the idea has determined me to be its rightful partner, it saunters up and all at once whisks me into a flurry of sawing, brazing, hammering, folding, and sanding.

My limited collections are the expression of that which makes my soul sing. They hold my love under the stones, and the whispers of my experiences in the solder joins.

All my pieces are handmade and hand-finished by me, and make use of natural and recycled materials. The themes of the collections gravitate towards natural, organic stones and textures, rendering each piece unique. It is the variations of the metalwork and imperfections of the stones which denote their handcrafted nature and individual character.

It is important to me that you are completely happy with your purchase. If for any reason you are not, please contact me within a week of receiving your package. More than anything, I want my pieces to resonate with you in the same way they resonate with me in the making.

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